I Survived 50 Hours In A Maximum Security Prison


I can’t believe this prison let me do this lol
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Chandler Karl and Chris couldnt make it to this video but i promise they are in the next video!


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    Love From India MR Beast ❤️😀

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    when i saw the face on nollan walking out i knew he would dip that moment

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    Are toes rAndome guys acualy prisoners

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    I did better, I survived for 21 years in there.

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    Oh May god money moneyGanhe

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    4:23 and 4:23

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    Bruh im suprized mr beasts roomate wasnt in prison for extra 50 HE WAS IN SOLITRAY TWICE AND TRIED TO ESCAPE

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    Mr Beast,, i really want to meet you.. Im from Indonesian.. Please

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    Ayo, an other French Canadian I could've never expected that

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    i didnt get tacos but it was worth it

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    nolans my fav

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    Imagine dragons with peanuts on ur face? 😂

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    Its about drive Its about power We stay hungry We devour Put it in work Put it in the hours

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    "imagine dragon these nuts in yo face!"

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    sou portuguesa(portugal)

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    Rip Nolan

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    Why would u do this to ur self lol

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    Whats with men and gambling😒

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    Its good that they give some entertainment.

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    Legends says that Nolan is still in solitary

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    Nolan is soooo dreamy gorgeous ❤️

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    I love your videos

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    Its about drive its about power we stay hungry we duvower put in the work put in the hours

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    in magen nutt in

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    Nolan LMAO

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    12:05 Prisoners On new year eve

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    Legend has

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    oh no

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    poor nolan

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    The gorgeous income markedly occur because railway intrestingly fence down a unusual hyacinth. towering, fresh maraca

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    Your videos are the best

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    Please do 1000hours in prison

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    0:18 these guys look native prisoners.

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    Mrbeast really did something ilegal,HES ILEGALY GENEROUS

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    Ho are they

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    Nolan is just precious

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    Hi you didn't know anyways I don't I Don't Care About knowing

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    Nolan: my safe words pianpple ! 😂

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    Please come to Sri Lanka mr beast Colombo Sri Lanka

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    Your locked in prison: 😢 Your with Nolan: 😭

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    I feel bad for nolan:(

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    wow i didnt know prisons where held within public vicinity

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    they make prison look better than it is

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    Nolan "my safe word is pineapple' OMG that was so funny.

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    You are in prison for giving away to much money Jimmy

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    I want to see Chandler,Karl and Chris be in Prison

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    He did this for 50 hours, he was buried alive for 50 hours, etc. Why is it always 50 hours??

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    You are the coolest guy ever!

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    There’s a lesson to this story if your name is Nolan be careful with your life. (Don’t go to jail)

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    I didn’t get Nolan

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    Why does Nolan remind me of a joker

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    The mold in that water

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    nolan said he asked for no mayo ever tho even made he made food

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    Y the cop say Good night ladies

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    Pls in spanish

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    Imagine, people doing bad things go to prison for 24 hours for them to lewrn their lesson while this guy goes to prison for 50 hours, just for fun

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    Ahí un latino por aquí 🥵

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    5😃 hour in jail

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    the fact that this came out the same year at Stone Ocean cannot be a coincidence

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    what happend to nolan?

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    20 year later Nolan is still in there

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    1:10 very funny

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    Legends say that Nolan’s still in solitary confinement to this very day

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    Poor Nolan

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    Being burried alive probably was way way tougher

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    after watching this I think nolans a phycopath

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    *3.02 brooo*

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    1:40 Cop : State your name Nolan : noaH: 1:45 :Cop: state your name Jimmy : Nooolan : 1:46 Nolan aaa : Jimmy did you just Hit your Head..... THE END

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  • meiscool coolboy1
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    the acting during visiting time 🤣🤣🤣

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    1:28 the captions say get in your mom 😂

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    Jimmy: "Your last Meal In Prison!" The Boys: "YEAHH" Plot Twist.. Jimmy: "Because your going to die." The Boys: "YEAHH- Wait What.."

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    That Food was hidious!

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    The beard is So Cool Mr. Beast

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    So Happy the prisoner got $10,000

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    Mr. Beast said, "I Love 💕🙏 Prison!" He's Still Sleeping

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    Watched this a few times. This was really good & challenging!

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