I Cleaned The World’s Dirtiest Beach


$1 Donated = 1 Pound Of Trash Out Of The Ocean - teamseas.org/

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    @PasHa yes

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    @KelvinBB thats cap

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    I bet you 100$ you one give me 1000$

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    Which beach?

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    This guy gets it! Kudos

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    I just subscribed to your channel and that was the best decision in my entire life.

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    Thank you very much legend

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    Education is nessecery

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    You are the best 👍💯for helping the Earth

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    i have a feeling that team seas will unfortunately fail to reach its goal

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    I love how hype mark and jimmy are about helping people

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    Imagine that car thing that colelcts the trash just dumps it back into the ocean

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    why is Jimmy so good he really deserve how much subscriber he has now

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    And many more

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    Idlike to invite you to my dirty home land Algeria can you help us

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    Thank you 🙏 💚

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    This is awesome!

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    I’m losing hope for 30M

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    Вы просто супер продолжайте в том же духе и наберёте 10м подписчиков удачи вам)и кстати я подписан и печеньку оставь себе)

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    I just donated $20 to the team seas hopefully you guys can do better

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    # $30,ooo,ooo

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    You're amazing

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    Tanks you for help the nuture ✌❤

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    Team seas !I donated

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    thank you so much for doing this!

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    What about team trees oh right you crushed your goal

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    Sir u are Really a good person i would have donates but i cant even get to the end of the month ill try to help in my own ways

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    Hey Mr Beast have we ever thought about climate change???

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    Sorry to disturb your scroll, we don't know each other but I wish you all the best in life and may all things work out in your favour❤️

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    He is a very good person

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    I just started it so share with your friends

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    You should straight up eliminate the trash island

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    mrbeast your in a fnf mod lol

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    I don't care really

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    Thank you

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    Team trees. Team seas. Team MrBeast.

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    Which country is this?

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    Почему на русском говорите , а комментарии и названия видео на английском ?

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    Сделай калаборацию с Димкой Масленниковым

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    Сделай калаборацию с Димкой Масленниковым

  • Андрей Рощин
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    Сделай калаборацию с Димкой Масленниковым

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    You will never regret a wonderful guest such as myself

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    PERIOD!!! you don’t understand how great full i am for jimmy, thanks so much man.

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    49 million views and only 17.5 million dollars donated? I know some people have rewatched this but come on

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    That translation tho (of the beach)

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    Love love love this

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    Tou have my suport of I had the money I would but I can't

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    I throw my used car batteries into the ocean.

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    Good job

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    This is cool !

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    Ohhh mark Rober is there too!

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    Could gotten couple of skid steers w/ rake and thumb

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    Mr Bean, you could ambush with airsoft guns, in a helicopter in a vandalized city it would be a lot of fun

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    Now only thing left for mr beast to make this earth a better place is team air

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    Русская озвучка чтоооо

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    We're is carl?

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    Once I get more money we all know where that money is going😏

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    АХААХХА мистер бист заговорил по русски :)

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    The look on marks face lol 1:42

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    IDK awsome

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    You are truly a good person. New subscriber. Don't change.

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    Come on 49 million views lol just donate $1 and the goal will be reached

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    ... But what happens with the trash that you collected?

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    Hey Mr. beast do you know that turtles love eating trash?

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    hziHII GGzjOLWB

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    AWESOME JOB guys!

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    Salute to Mr Beast

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    Where’s the Viking?

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    русская озвучка

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    I donated 20$

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    Imagine donating 3Million?

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    Come in romania turceni gorj pls

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    Mr Beast is and stays the best person i have ever seen. im watching him for years now he is just the most honest and care giving person ever.

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    Please once time come in NEPAL🥺

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    Next stop:Teamairs

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  • Ganesh Gurung
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    Бл#$ подумал что начал понимать английский язык, потом догнал что он на русском говорит)

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    If this is dirtiest beach than u should definitely come to India...

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    I wish i could help

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    I wish I could donate but I'm only 10.

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    This is great. Stay doing great good things, mr Beast. I am from Poland, if you have any idea I can help with I am leaving my home right now.

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    канал то английский Мистер бист ты не туда видео выложил

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    Please 🙏 give me money

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    🥵पहले में गरीब था😫 फिर मैंने फ्री फायर खेलना शुरू किया अब मैं भिकारी बन गया😩 Uid 2420635314

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    Viva mr beast